Use your own R/C transmitter to fly helicopters, aircraft (power, glider) —and design models too!


Use your own 4-channel (or greater) R/C transmitter* to fly helicopters and aeroplanes.

Link your transmitter directly (via Trainer socket) with any IBM compatible personal computer (486DX or faster processor). Use all your transmitter's functions to set up and control your simulated model, then test fly the modifications in the Simulator before committing them to your actual model. Create & store as many models in the Simulator as you have hard disc space.

Powerful aerodynamic equations sets are built in. Using simple user-friendly menus, you can enter detailed data for any single engine R/C aircraft (or glider) or single rotor R/C helicopter, and the Simulator calculates accurately how it will behave under any flight manoeuvre!

Outstanding new 3D graphics package For the ultimate in flight smoothness an outstanding new 3-D graphics package delivers geometrically accurate colour graphics at a sizzling 36 frames per second (measurements taken using a 33MHz 486 DX PC).

Model design factory. Design your own helicopter or aircraft using the powerful user friendly menus. See the shape of your aeroplane change on-screen as you modify its design. Print out data sheets for your latest aeroplane.

Learn or practice any manoeuvre safely with your own transmitter. The custom interface permits the use of your transmitter's facilities to set up and control the simulated model as you would your real model. Adjust the control surface throws, centre of gravity on your aerobatic aircraft to tune for radical manoeuvres. Set the "virtual linkages" on your simulated helicopter to check out inverted flight. Then test fly the modifications in the simulator before committing them to your model!

Acknowledged by experts worldwide as probably the most realistic and effective training tool for basic and advanced helicopter/aircraft flight.

Why is the 3 in 1 so realistic compared with other Simulators? is a question we are often asked. Simulators only fly as well as their programmed flight equations allow. We believe CSM's flight equations are unequalled—as befits a professor of Atmospheric Physics. When you fly a 3 in 1 Simulator you fly the result of thousands of hours of professional aerodynamic study. Fly the other simulators first; then fly the 3 in I . We guarantee you will prefer real flight equations formulated by real physicists.


* Futaba, JR, Sanwa, Multiplex and many others.

Click here for full text of CSM v.10 manual in .DOC format.

This zip file contains the CSM software.  Expand this to C:\, (keeping the directory structure).  You will also need a dongle, transmitter, and connecting lead.

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